Falcon Studios Magnitude - Brent Corrigan

Release Year: 2017
Video language: English

Reuben was eager to come back and do more. It took a month or so of texting back and forth, and then of course I was booked for another month. I loved his oral video, and I really wanted to get him back, but with him living so far off the grid, it was just hard to get him in. During that time, we talked about him coming back, and as usual, he wanted to start by Topping. But as time passed between getting him booked, he thought that maybe he could try Bottoming too. He had experimented with some finger-action, so he figured he could get fucked for the first time. And that's the problem with this video. It IS his first time for everything. Sucking dick, fucking a dude and getting fucked. BUT, you would never know by watching this video! He throws himself into it whole-heartedly! I rarely start a video with any type of intro chat just because of this issue, and ironically I did just that. You will be truly impressed by his performance, but Tegan, Ransom and I kept asking him, "Are you sure you have never done this before?!' He said he hadn't, so we all were astonished. Tegan was prepared for a really inexperienced guy, but instead, he got a pro right out of the gate! Ok, so his cock-sucking skills were a little rough to start with. But after a minute or two, he slows it down and shows some skills. He loves his own cock to be jerked really fast, so that was his go-to move with Tegan's cock. Tegan sucks his cock, and we get to hear Reuben's amazing dirty talking! Love guys who can do this! Tegan rims his hole, getting him in the zone to get fucked. Reuben's cock doesn't wilt so I was hoping the penetration would go smooth. Tegan slides it in nice and slow. You can tell Reuben is biting down, trying to take a cock for his first time. But he didn't jump away, and I was shooting most of it from underneath so I had no idea if he was enjoying it, or just tolerating it. Later, I was editing the video and could see the other camera angle that his cock was super hard while getting fucked! Yeah! Reuben made a great Bottom, but he is also an aggressive bossy type of guy. When he Tops Tegan, you can see just how good he is at being in control! He would reach around and jerk on Tegan's cock. Like an experienced Top would! He almost made Tegan cum that way, so he flipped him on his back and fucked him till he was about to cum again! Since Tegan almost nutted from the reach around, we went back to that position. Reuben rams him while reaching around to jerk his cock. He makes him cum that way! Tegan struggles to not take over his own cock as he is nutting. It's impressive! So impressive that once we were done, we all asked him again if he had done it before. He swears he is newbie! But he loved working Tegan so much, that he thinks he could be into guys too - ya think?! Also, he juices Tegan's hole perfectly. Reuben strokes his cock till he is starting to cum, then shoves the head in and unloads the rest inside of Tegan. His cock throbs as he injects his DNA into him! In summary, I think we will all be left wondering what Reuben's At Home experiences have been, but regardless, the dude really is amazing to watch!

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Duration: 22:47
Video: 1280x720, AVC (H.264), 4641kbps
Audio: 146kbps

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